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18 December 2010 @ 01:15 am
Evgeny Grinko lives in a small town in Russia
He plays drums and writes music on the piano is very similar to the Yann Tiersen

28 January 2009 @ 08:28 pm
Yann Tiersen put up his tour dates for the US (+ Montreal) and the UK!

04/15 - WASHINGTON, Maison Francaise
04/16 - NEW YORK, Irving plaza
04/17 - MONTREAL, Club soda
04/18 - MONTREAL, Club soda
04/21 - CHICAGO, Logan theatre
04/24 - DENVER, Bluebird
04/25 - SALT LAKE CITY, Urban lounge
04/29 - PORTLAND, Wonder ballroom
05/01 - SAN FRANCISCO, Great american
05/02 - LOS ANGELES, El rey

05/08 - EDINBURG, Queens hall
05/09 - GLASGOW, ABC1
05/10 - YORK, Duchess
05/11 - BIRMINGHAM, Academy II
05/13 - CAMBRIDGE, Junction
05/15 - MINEHEAD, ATP fest "the Breeders"
05/17 - EXETER, Pheonix
05/18 - BATH, Komedia
05/19 - BRIGHTON, Concorde II

And then it says, "more shows to be announced..." at the bottom!
25 January 2009 @ 09:34 pm
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10 November 2008 @ 11:28 pm
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7x Prête-Moi Ta Main/I Do. Or How to Get Married and Stay Single ♥
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05 August 2008 @ 01:45 pm
OK, my friends. I wanna ask you something personal... something personal about yann Tiersen.
Who knows about him? I mean, family, children... I know that he was married to French actress Natasha Regnier (if I spelled it correctly) and has son and daughter... Or am I wrong? Help, please! I wanna know more about himself, not about his music already...
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22 July 2008 @ 03:11 pm
Hello, hello!

I'm new here, but I definitely share a great love for Yann. I listen to his music whenever I'm painting or drawing, and it's so very nice and refreshing. I never get tired of his work. I'm particularly fond of his toy piano works at the time (he always seems to have the greatest ideas for music).

One question : I'm into making icons, and I haven't been able to find too many decent pictures of Yann Tiersen. I have four at the moment, but I really want to make more. Because, well, Yann Tiersen is just that fabulous.

Here's a sample,

& the actual journal with icons is here.

So if you guys are interested, please hook me up!
I'll make ones by request if you wish.

09 July 2008 @ 02:17 pm
i have provided all of you with a complete Yann Tiersen experience,

now i request from all of you, your reviews,

i'm anxious to know how you've let the music into your lives or if you even like it.


if anyone has any user created material that you've made inspired by or using any of Yann's music, please post it.

ever yours,

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12 June 2008 @ 06:59 pm
He talks about Tabarly, his next album, and touring. Taken from here.

Read more...Collapse )

i recently came across a few songs on itunes i didnt even know existed, since they've been around for awhile it was frustrating finding them because i could have had them a long time ago.

seeing as no one has said anything about them here, i thought i would share my findings.

the first song is

(Yann Tiersen - Avant la Chute)

off of his labels showcase album called "Ici d'ailleurs..."

it's a solo piano piece with many movements, all of which will strike a deep chord in your heart, you recognize his style instantly and yet it's so unfamiliar you listen with an anticipation as if it was christmas unwrapping gifts for the first time. his classic repetition is present but not overly used as some would say of his older work, it's definitely one of his finest piano tracks since La Chute off of Le Phare which is probably my favorite track by tiersen.

the other is actually a remix of a song off the Amelie soundtrack by a band called the third eye foundation.

(The Third Eye Foundation - La Dispute (Vs. Yann Tiersen)

this track manages to take a warm melancholy track and turn it into a brooding cry of sadness, sampling nearly every inch of the original track including placing the melodica piece at the orginal's intro over the piano in a mix of layers and reverbs, and at it's climax adding a female sample of which at the moment i have no knowledge of it's origin. from the moment this track begins you find yourself falling down a rabbit hole with a dark version of tiersen that's unusual but welcome none the less.

i dont know that yann tiersen knows of it, but i do know that it's a beautiful remix of a beautiful song and i recommend that you check out both tracks if you have time.

and if you dont have time,

make time. ;-)


- R. Angier

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02 June 2008 @ 02:42 pm
Hello! hanachronism was nice enough to make me a maintainer of the community, so I threw together a new layout really quickly. Things will probably be adjusted a little bit more when I have more time.

In more important news, Yann Tiersen has released a new CD! It's the soundtrack for Tabarly. Quoted off his MySpace:
"As I was working on my next album, I was sent a request. It was about a documentary on French sailor Eric Tabarly.
Straight away I thought it would again be one of those lyrical documentaries such as "A man facing the sea". Add a bit of accordion in it and we'll reach the height of bad taste.
I watched the film and realised it wasn't. It's an elegant portrait of Eric Tabarly. The narrator is Tabarly himself, honest, not bothering about the media.
A lesson of integrity.
That's why I've decided to work on it and postpone the work my own album for a quick while. I've then recorded a series of musical pieces.
A sort of musical portrait of the man..."

The vinyl with free CD was released Saturday the 31st. Just the CD is released on Monday, June 9th. You can buy the CD on Amazon, or the vinyl and CD here in the US or here in the EU.

Some of the songs are up for listening on his MySpace linked above, or the Facebook group here. The MySpace also has a couple other new songs, if you haven't heard them already! These are also linked on the sidebar of the layout.