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Music From Yann you might not even know of.

i recently came across a few songs on itunes i didnt even know existed, since they've been around for awhile it was frustrating finding them because i could have had them a long time ago.

seeing as no one has said anything about them here, i thought i would share my findings.

the first song is

(Yann Tiersen - Avant la Chute)

off of his labels showcase album called "Ici d'ailleurs..."

it's a solo piano piece with many movements, all of which will strike a deep chord in your heart, you recognize his style instantly and yet it's so unfamiliar you listen with an anticipation as if it was christmas unwrapping gifts for the first time. his classic repetition is present but not overly used as some would say of his older work, it's definitely one of his finest piano tracks since La Chute off of Le Phare which is probably my favorite track by tiersen.

the other is actually a remix of a song off the Amelie soundtrack by a band called the third eye foundation.

(The Third Eye Foundation - La Dispute (Vs. Yann Tiersen)

this track manages to take a warm melancholy track and turn it into a brooding cry of sadness, sampling nearly every inch of the original track including placing the melodica piece at the orginal's intro over the piano in a mix of layers and reverbs, and at it's climax adding a female sample of which at the moment i have no knowledge of it's origin. from the moment this track begins you find yourself falling down a rabbit hole with a dark version of tiersen that's unusual but welcome none the less.

i dont know that yann tiersen knows of it, but i do know that it's a beautiful remix of a beautiful song and i recommend that you check out both tracks if you have time.

and if you dont have time,

make time. ;-)


- R. Angier

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